Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rare DX on 70MHz - Western Sahara S01WS QRV !

For those of You who haven't noticed yesturday's massive Es opening on 4m - there's new DX to hunt for...

Please note they have two different QTH :
Bir Lehlu #IL56HB, and Tifariti #IL46RD

After extensive opening to whole EA from N to S, including EA6, EA8 and big sigs from CT band was starting to calm a bit around 18UTC.
But it was only a short break !

 Map source:

Possibly nothing more to work left. Only Joe CT1HZE was still audible at s7 working DL's.

Then BANG ! 18:19UTC Sjoerd PA3DOL spotted QSO with S01WS on 4m.
First thought - maybe wrong QRG, WS is well known from 6m - but no!
Sjoerd confirmed his QSO with S01WS. Followed by Rob PA0RDY and "some" DL stations.

After quick tune at 185 there was nothing except weak birdie, after applying the notch unreadable voices, almost EME level were heard ! Then after 5-6 minutes first time S01WS came audible with CQ, but what a pity - he did not respond to call... More than 5 min with repetable CQ 4, without even QRZ...

Worse nightmare when You heard DX, and he is not !     

Nevertheless, hope this opening will encourage S01 guys to be more active.
At the time no more info about their antenna and RIG used on 4. If no any improvement they still could be QRV on wire dipole used on 6m and HF.

More info to come soon, I hope.

GL !

Friday, June 9, 2017

HA/SP7VC rare grid KN17AV - UPDATED

On behalf of Mek SP7VC I am announcing his another rare 50/70 MHz grid activation, this time KN17AU.
Most part of the KN17 square belongs to UR and YO, and almost no activity from there, but small part is still in HA.

Operation will start June 15 in the afternoon, as usual MS on FSK441. If Es will occur please call him SSB on TX frequency to change mode.

If no Es HA/SP7VC will ALWAYS transmit 1st period with standard 30s duration FSK441 mode.

Frequency 70.174 MHz  (DL part of band)

Some hot pics from KN17AV (changed from planned KN17AU)

4m LOG (raw data):


S51DI,9A1Z, S51ZO

June 15.2017

June 16.2017

June 17.2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New JT65 dedicated cluster DL9GTB

As per information by Max DK1MAX posted today on KST chat, growing DIGI community got new tool to monitor JT65 frequencies.
New cluster can be entered via telnet at port 8500, under address

You can use ordinary black command DOS screen, or any telnet software. Can be added to cluster list under standard log's i.e UCXLog

below filtered 6m band few minutes a go :

Vy 73

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Breaking NEWS! DL allowed to use 70MHz in 2017

Here's the hot news :

Despite previous information about no licences for DL this Year, today Joe DL8HCZ pass the info on the ON4KST chat that Germany allowed to use 70MHz in 2017 for every station with limits described below.

Period of May.17 - August.31.2017,  frequencies 70.150-70.180 MHz,  Power 25W  E.R.P

Congrats to all DL hams involved in efforts to get the permit !

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SV5/SP7VC #KM36 - another activity by Mek SP7VC

Another activity by Mek & Kasia will take place from Greek Island Kos, grid square KM36NS.

Apart from HF IOTA activity from EU-001 on HF, Mek will take 4m gear with him as well.

Planned activity April 29th - May 06th, let's hope for some early Es openings.

Rig : IC-7300, dipoles, quarter wave GP on HF, 4ele Yagi on 70MHz.
Look for him on dx-cluster.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

SM - Sweden again on 70MHz in 2017

On behalf of my good friend Henrik OZ8ZS I am pleased to pass following information to 4m community:

"This Year activity will take place during annual  
Nordic VHF meeting with the call SK6YH from JO58TA grid. 
Source: Google maps

Thanks to SM6EAN Mats we got the license in right time. Station will be QRV from June.09 (afternoon) till end of the meeting June.11.2017.

Because of licence limitations we will use TX frequency 70.1375MHz 

(as in previous activities), so we will work split and try to be active 
on FSK441, and if good tropo or Es also SSB and CW.
On digimodes - we will always call 1st and 30s.
At this moment I don't know the Internet access, but we will try to announce split QRG on ON4KST, so please look out there.
Our equipment: FT-847 or IC-7300 and 5 el antenna. Take off from JO58TA is not the best, but we hope to make many qso`s. 
I will call it "payback time", as you know I am a #hunter on 4m and really appreciate all the previous expeditions giving many new squares for me, and all the other 4m #hunters.
Vy 73 de OZ8ZS Henrik & SM6EAN Mats."

GL !

EDIT : June 09.2017 

Guys doing great job there, good sigs and hope they work as many as cndx permits

GL !

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Simple antenna switch - DIY

Necessity is the mother of invention, so today's post showing how to do some recycling and change junk stuff into quite usable thing. 
Working on HF with more than one antenna, or better to say, using radio with single antenna connector is always complicated. Things get worse when You need to switch to some other antenna HERE and NOW, and of course there's always lack of any switch. Recent dx-peditions VP6EU or TX5T are the examples :-) 

We will use ferrite circulator salvaged from Telecom equipment. This will give us perfect enclosure, 3-4 SO-239 sockets, piece of silvered wire and old ceramic junk switch. 
Overall costs - not more than 15-20 Euro, few hours time, including painting. 

This is our base - soon it will switch 2 antennas with more than 500W RF power.

After removing unusable parts, 3 holes were drilled to fit SO-239 sockets

Some painting to get neat look, and sockets installed :

Time for switching part

To ensure that 500W will not harm the switch we need to cross both connector sides with silvered 1,5mm diameter wire :
 No worries about the lenght of connections, it's not microwave device ;-) 

Just add a knob and suitable labels on top and the switch is ready for use :

Tested at solid 500W while hunting for TX5T, measurements done with two 50Ohm terminator shows SWR 1:1,05 on HF bands up to 50MHz. 

Have fun with your own DIY switch !